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Questions To Ask Your Kids

Kavin at KidCoach

When is the last time you asked your kids a question they were not expecting?!

As a busy parent it is easy to get into the habit of just asking “how was school today?” or having other types of routine conversations. I know I used to with my kids!

In this podcast I’ll inspire you to ask quick, fun and quirky questions that your kids will love to talk and think about. It will help you mix up your conversations at home AND build your child’s 21st century skills e.g. creativity, critical thinking, communication etc.

Each episode is a short 15 – 20 minutes long featuring a different 6 -12 year old child that I have a quick chat with. Listen in to hear conversations around “What are 10 things to do with a cup?” (Creativity) or “How would you cross a river if you had to?” (Critical Thinking) or "How could you describe a car to an alien?” (Communication) etc.

You could also listen with your child and pause now and again asking what they would say in the same situation!

Each of the questions and prompts I use comes from an app I’ve built for parents. It’s called KidCoachApp and, if you like what you hear, I invite you to download also and get started for free:

Let's get your kids talking and thinking!


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Founder, KidCoach

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