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Welcome to KidCoach Conversations! So great you can join us.

My name is Kavin and every week I’ll be sharing with you different conversations I have with kids. They are all 7-11 years old and the questions I ask them are specifically designed to get them talking, thinking and feeling – developing the softer skills they will need to thrive in tomorrow’s world.

Did you know that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not even been invented yet? In such a fast paced and changing world, it will be the softer more transferable skills that will help our kids thrive and succeed.

So what are soft skills exactly?

Well, it’s all the non-academic stuff that children don’t tend to get much practice in at school and yet as adults we are having to use all the time – things like being creative, communicating well, being a critical thinker, having resilience etc.

Now I’ve found that a simple but effective way of developing this at home already is through regular 5-10 minute conversations. For example - on Communication – we can ask our kids to describe a Car to an Alien, which is a test of conciseness. Or on Creativity – asking what are 10 things to do with a Cup, encouraging them to think divergently. Or on Critical Thinking – having them estimate the number of iPads in the world, to help them think in a structured way. Or on Resilience – asking them why it is good to fail sometimes, and discussing the value of feedback.

In this podcast – KidCoach Conversations – you will hear me discuss these kinds of questions with lots of different children. Hopefully it will give you some ideas and inspiration for discussions you can have with your own kids.

And if you want full access to all the questions and prompts then just download our App from Or just search for KidCoachApp.

Let’s get started!

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